In Loom clothing is a Young Contemporary wholesale brand, dedicated to creating beautiful styles for the modern woman. When you shop with us, you can confide that we will deliver timeless, quality pieces that you can wear over and over again.

In Loom’s mission is to help every woman discover their own story and to celebrate their individuality through our clothes. Our narrative is focused on bringing quality and comfort that does not have to comprise for style.

Our In Loom girl is a closeted introvert who is confident, comfortable and effortlessly chic. She lands on all points of the fashion spectrum; from feminine and girly to a rugged tomboy-ish style. She is not afraid to express her personality through the clothes she’s wearing because she is confident enough to be her true self.

Our main focus is not only to provide you with the best fabric styles and quality; but to build a strong connection with our clients. We welcome you, to the In Loom family.